General FAQ

What is The Rugby Football Foundation?

The Foundation is an independent, registered charity and was established by the RFU in 2003 to do good through Rugby Union.

What is the aim of the Foundation?

It aims to:

  • Increase participation in healthy recreation for children and adults of all abilities.
  • Advance education, social equity and inclusion for the most disadvantaged in society
  • Protect and promote the heritage of Rugby Union through the World Rugby Museum

Is the RFF independent of the RFU?

The RFU is the RFF’s largest donor, providing substantial funding every year. However the Foundation is a separate registered charity, no. 1100277.

If the RFU is funding the Foundation why does it need more money?

There is always more important work to be done than funds allow. Additional funding will allow the Foundation to pursue more ambitious projects and do more good for society through rugby union.

  • funding rugby coaches to work across England with people of all ages and abilities to improve their lives and prospects through the game
  • helping grassroots clubs improve their facilities through grants and loans
  • preserving the heritage and promoting the culture of Rugby Union through the World Rugby Museum based at Twickenham Stadium

What is the All Schools Plan?

It is a project to help children in deprived areas reduce the amount of crime and anti-social behaviour in their schools and communities, and to improve their exam results by using rugby and it's core values.

What is the Rugby Football Foundation's relationship with the RFU?

It is one of two official charities of the RFU the other is the Injured Players Foundation. The RFF receives a substantial annual donation from the RFU which is earmarked for the development of grassroots rugby and facilities funding. The RFF commissions delivery from Rugby Football Development Ltd, although as the RFU is the main funder, the delivery team wear kit with the RFU logo on it.

The RFF also receives donations from individuals, trusts, government and industry for its charitable work. These are delivered by a range of providers, including the RFU, Premiership Rugby Clubs, youth work specialists, educationalists and others.

What are the Foundation's admin and fundraising costs?

The Foundation is donated almost all core services by the RFU which means that our costs are exceptionally low and almost 100% of our income goes directly to our charitable objectives.

How large are the Foundation's reserves?

The unrestricted reserves are currently less than one month's charitable spend. However, as our running costs are donated by the RFU this does not pose a great risk to our operation.


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