Green Deal Loan

RFF Green Deal loans up to the value of £20,000 are available to RFU Accredited clubs at level 3 and below to support them in the installation of facility solutions that reduce utility costs. Green Deal Loan repayments are structured to be the equivalent of the projected savings over the agreed ‘payback’ period. Applications must be underpinned by independent, accredited energy surveys and clubs must evidence the no cost/low cost improvements that they have already implemented and the impact of those improvements.

How to Apply

The RFF Green Deal Loan operates a two stage application process:

Pre-application - The RFF will not consider any loan applications for projects that have not been identified as a priority within local Constituent Body Facility Plans.

Stage 1
The club obtains an independent energy survey and completes any recommended no cost/low cost improvements. The club should then complete the RFF Green Deal Loan application template
 and submit it along with evidence of the no cost/low cost and a copy of the energy survey. At this stage the club should ensure that the form is fully completed along with all key pieces of information. The complete application needs to be logged with the RFF. The RFF will then write to the club informing them whether they can proceed to a Stage 2 application or advise them that the application does not meet the RFF Green Deal Stage 1 application criteria.
A general philosophy of ‘energy efficiency before energy generation’ is adopted in the assessment of RFF Green Deal Loan Stage 1 applications

Stage 2
The club will be required to provide further supporting evidence including specialist quotes that demonstrate a detailed energy and cost saving projection.


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